Ceramic blog week 15/16

The bisque was unloaded and I guessed the surfaces with black gesso so I could use my oil paints on top without them soaking through. It worked rather weeellll. I then glued the objects to the shelf I made for my canvas and then painted my image over top! I actually like how it turned out, it was just difficult to picture where the objects … Continue reading Ceramic blog week 15/16

Week 2 Ceramic Blog

After making a billion holes, braiding plastic bags, and attaching them to this plastic thing….I BROKE IT. I felt sooooooo deeffeeaattteeddd. I didn’t think making the plastic bag strands and attaching them would take so long so when I broke the container, the whole idea went to doody. I tried melting the cracks back together but it definitely didnt work as planned. So on my … Continue reading Week 2 Ceramic Blog